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Q. What is an affiliate agreement?

A. An affiliate agreement is a business relationship between the merchant of a product (Wondersoft) and a website owner (might be you) who promotes the merchant's offerings. The website (affiliate) earns a commission from the merchant for each referral that results in a sale. The affiliate plays no role in the sales contract; the product is sold by the merchant to the customer.

Q. What's new about our partner share-it! 's Affiliate Management?

A. With our partner Shareit! 's Affiliate Management system, signing up and managing your affiliate account becomes really simple. share-it! provides you with a complete process to manage and handle payments to registered affiliates. The new feature also provides the affiliates with a Control Panel, with which they can manage cooperations and view sales and earnings data, as well as customize the style of the order process.

Q. How can an affiliate register to promote Wondersoft products?

A. Affiliates may register via the registration form which share-it! creates in standard style. Additionally, share-it! may receive the registration directly.

Q. What is the commission rates for Wondersoft products?

A. 28%.

Q. How does the affiliate get started?

A. Following registration and activation, affiliates receive their login data for the Affiliate Control Panel, where they have access to an overview of all cooperations, as well as the products and conditions for each. As soon as you activate an affiliate in your Control Panel, they can begin placing links on their website and start promoting Wondersoft products.

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Q. How does the affiliate link to the order process?

A. Affiliates use a link generator in the Affiliate Control Panel to generate individual product and checkout links that automatically include their specific affiliate ID. These links can then be placed on the affiliate's website.

Q. Are affiliates able to adapt the order process to the "look & feel" of their own websites?

A. Yes, they can edit their styles in the Affiliate Control Panel, where they can set a default style for the order process using the share-it! Style Editor.

Q. Who reports to and handles the payments to affiliates?

A. share-it! handles reporting and payment of the commission to your affiliates for you.

Q. When is reporting done?

A. share-it! sends out the Payment Report to the affiliate on the 8th of the month for the previous month's sales.

Q. How often is payment made to the affiliates?

A. Payment is made monthly on the 15th of the month for the previous month's earnings, provided the affiliate reaches the minimum payment amount of 100 USD/EUR or 70 GBP in commission earnings.

Q. Which payment methods and currencies can the affiliates choose?

A. Affiliates can receive payments either by Direct Deposit, check or wire transfer, in either USD, EUR or GBP.

Q. What are the minimum earnings for which an affiliate can receive payment?

A. The affiliate must have earned a minimum of 100 EUR/USD or 70 GBP incommission before payment can be made. If the minimum amount is not reached within the month, the total is carried over to the next month and added to the next payment.

Q. What information do affiliates receive on their sales?

A. Affiliates have access to sales reports in the Affiliate Control Panel. They can view sales by sales period, and see the status of their earnings. Share-it! does not provide the customer data to the affiliate as this is the property of the software publisher.

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