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CNET Download.com Review

This PDF converter impressed us with its speed: In our testing, a 100-page Word document took half a minute. The overall output quality is good, excepting some Web pages. The interface couldn't be simpler: The application installs as if it were a printer, so all you have to do is click the Print option in any program and select Virtual PDF Printer. At the same time, that interface model makes the program inconvenient for converting multiple documents at once. The program supports such features of the PDF format as encryption and document metadata such as author and keyword. It also lets you control document usage, such as disallowing modification. In a nice touch, if the program conflicts with some software you need, you can temporarily disable Virtual PDF Printer without uninstalling it. With its features and its price, this program aims at the professional market.



TSC Review


Documentation portability is quite an important feature that everyone using a computer whether based on Windows, Mac OS, or Unix/Linux will be able to read a specific document that is on a company's website. Given all the different operating systems that are out there, there are different tools that can be used to create documents but not all of them will display the information in the same way

For example Windows has Microsoft Office suite and if a person on a Mac created a document on a different word processor (excluding the fact there exists Office X for Mac) that sometimes the documents would look funny on the other computer. With all that in mind, Adobe has created a standard format that can and is outputted the exact way that it was on any type of computer or even web browsers and that is the PDF.

The PDF is a great way to get information across to different users on different operating systems without hindering one group of people; let's face it, a company doesn't want to lose out on a potential client. What a PDF document is, is that it creates a general format for all computers and can be read exactly the same way on any computer, thus no one is being left out.

Albeit that there is one drawback to PDFs is that people sometimes find it annoying that if they are surfing a website that another program has to popup to read the information and also from my experience, it does take a while for the program to load up the document

But the question is how do you make PDFs? Adobe, the creator of the PDF, has its own tools, sometimes it's not what a person wants, or its too complicated. Today I am looking at a program that will take a current in whatever form (Word, Excel, pictures, etc...) and will create the PDF format for you easily.


Virtual PDF maker is a program that will convert any type of document into the standard PDF document that can be seen by all people, with the appropriate plug-in of course.

I have tried different document types and with great ease I was able to convert it into the generic format of a PDF file. Anything from pictures to Word documents to graphs and what not can be converted.

Virtual Printer Driver works on the following method is that it creates a "Virtual Printer" in which you open a document file and print it out to the virtual printer and it asks you where you want to save the document, and after that step is done you've created a PDF document in a few easy steps. This program does not let you create a PDF off the bat from scratch; like Adobe Acrobat does but here you can create a PDF from an existing document for less.


Virtual PDF Printer makes creating PDF files painlessly easy and can make that document viewable by anyone and everyone on no matter what operating system they use.


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