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Car USB Play USB Drive Backup Restore
Version: 6.0

     Back up and restore data for any USB drive!

     Download Now (Freeware, 1.69 MB, Language: English, OS: Windows ALL)     ScreenShot     PAD

What is USB Drive Backup Restore software?

USB Drive Backup Restore allows you to back up all the data on a USB storage device to a disk image file on a device of higher capacity, and restore when needed. The backup and restore process uses raw disk access and low-level read/write operations that transfer all the data between USB drive and disk image file byte by byte.

Regardless of the file system and data structure of your USB drive, it can be cloned to a disk image file, and you can restore the data from the disk image file to any USB drive with a single click of the mouse at any time.

In case you have a USB drive as a digital device for personal banking, software dongle, security authorization, or system activation, you can take advantage of the backup and restore technology powered by USB Drive Backup Restore software. It is a software utility that allows you to backup, restore, and clone USB drives making them exactly the same without any difference.

All known file systems including NTFS, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, UDF, ReFS, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, XFS, btrfs, Files-11, VMFS, ZFS, ReiserFS, ScoutFS, APFS, HPFS, HFS, HFS+, UFS, OS/2, JFFS2, UBIFS, YAFFS, SquashFS, QFS, VxFS, PC-BSD, Flat, Plan 9, OpenVMS, MVS, CMS, and AS/400 file systems are supported. File systems not listed here are also supported.

USB Drive Backup Restore software allows you to make an exact copy of your USB drive byte by byte. The target USB drive should be equal to or larger than the source USB drive in storage capacity.

The software has been tested with more than 20 USB drive controller brands, such as Intel, Samsung, Micron, Phison, SMI, Marvell, Toshiba, Silicon Motion, PMC, Sierra, OCZ, JMicron, Maxiotek, Goke, Greenliant, Fusion-io, Realtek, SanDisk, Western Digital, Hyperstone, Novachips, and Lenovo.

What the software is designed for?

        Backup data on USB drive to prevent data loss
        Make an exact copy of a USB drive
        Restore contents from disk image file to USB drive
        Get enough storage space on a USB drive without loss of data
        Clone bootable USB drive.

Car USB Play

What's New?

             Add Speed option for backup/restore process
             Faster USB detection on Windows 11
             Add Quick Format option to shorten disk/drive formatting time



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